Live-stream from underwater – Eastern Australia

We streamed live from two BlueROV2s to remote viewers at Aminya Village (a BaptistCare residence) via Zoom a few weeks ago, which was very exciting for all involved.

One BlueROV2 streamed underwater images from Two Fold Bay in Eden NSW to show us amazing sponges and ascidians, while fighting bad swell and difficult visibility. Did you know that both sponges and ascidians are animals, not plants? We were also treated to a stunning red Gorgonian Fan, which was probably older than any of our participants.

The second BlueROV2 shared live video from Lake King in Gippsland VIC, where the bream populations are starting to recover and lots of fry (baby fish) were visible under the nearby jetty. Our pilot also found and recovered a bottle from the seabed floor (tricky manoeuvre) and has taken it to the local historical society for identification.

The initial feedback about the bottle recovered in Gippsland is that is is likely a Leggos Rations container from 1894-1940, probably from railway workers in the area.