Water Linked DVL

The Water Linked Doppler Velocity Log (DVL) is the smallest in the market, operated by estimating velocity relative to the sea bottom by sending acoustic waves from the four angled transducers, then measuring the frequency shift (doppler effect) from the received echo. By combining the measurements of all four transducers and the time between each acoustic pulse, it is possible to very accurately estimate the speed and direction of movement of an ROV.

Utilizing a Water Linked DVL, an ROV operator will feel a whole new level of stability and control of the ROV so work can be carried out with full confidence. The quality of the video will increase dramatically using the DVL, as the ROV will be significantly more stable.

  • Maintaining stability while operating ROV tools or performing detail inspections
  • Station keeping in challenging situations like ocean currents or tether pull
  • Terrain following
  • General velocity feedback for vehicle control