Rare Oarfish spotted on GBR

Snorkelers had a once-in-a-lifetime experience on the Great Barrier Reef last year, spotting a juvenile oarfish, about 1m to 2m long. Oarfish are rarely found in shallow waters, maybe because they need space to turn around? They are possibly the world’s longest bony fish and can grow up to 8m in length!

Full article at: 9News 28jun22

ROV discovers underwater mud volcano

Scientists with with Advancing Knowledge of Methane in the Arctic (AKMA) discovered an underwater mud volcano in Norwegian waters using ROV Aurora from research vessel Kronprins Haakon:

Found at a depth of ~400m (1300ft), this underwater mud volcano erupted from within another older crater, that supports a vibrant ecosystem including anemones, sponges, corals, sea stars, and tube worms. 

Full article at: MentalFloss 11may23

New Fifish V6-Evo coming soon!

QYSEA has just announced their newest ROV model – the V6-EVO. Expected in Australia around June, the V6-EVO has brighter LEDs (5000 lumens as compared with V6’s 4000 lumens), increase frame rate camera (up to 60fps), and comes in pearl-white colour. This ROV will also be able to use a gripper.

ROV locates sunken oil tanker

The Phillipine Coast Guard recently announced that the vessel MT Princess Empress has been found at a depth of ~400m off Naujan, Oriental Mindoro. The vessel sank on 28feb23, causing an oil spill, and was found using a Japanese ROV named HOKUYO.

Report from ANC Digital (has audio):