ROVorb Controller

Manoeuvre an ROV with just one hand!

Our world-first, remote controller plugs into your topside computer via USB and allows full control of your underwater ROV with just one-hand. Gently push, twist and/or roll the orb in the direction that you want your vehicle to move: ascend/descend, yaw, pitch, roll, strafe, or forward/reverse.

Buttons can be mapped in QGC to your personal preference to control other functions, like LED brightness, control mode, arm/disarm, etc.

Operates smoothly in four degrees-of-freedom (4DoF) for the BlueROV2 and is capable of six degrees-of-freedom (6DoF) for the BlueROV2 Heavy configuration.

Student Kits

School IT and Robotics students will be able to build and configure these simple student underwater robotics kits. These electronics kits (SKITs) require very little soldering, include basic frame components and assembly instructions, are >95% reusable, and you can 3D-print your own propellers!

Price is $420 per kit, free shipping anywhere in Australia

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