Red Scorpion Fish

We spotted this super-camouflaged, stealth predator on a BlueROV2 dive in Batemans Bay NSW this morning. Dave said the sting from one of these dorsal fins was the most painful experiences he has had… He has since learned that the venom can be denatured with very hot water.

Kelp Holdfasts

Did you know that kelp don’t have roots? They use branching, root-like, gnarled structures called holdfasts to anchor themselves to rocks. Holdfasts don’t carry nutrients or water – they are only for securing the kelp to a rock where it will grow. Here is a photo of a (yellowish) holdfast that we saw recently on …


Need to send live underwater images to Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) anywhere in the world? Want to share your underwater adventure live with students in their classrooms?

We can set-up live-streaming from a BlueROV2 or Fifish V6 into your preferred webinar or meeting platform (Webex, Zoom or Google Hangouts).

Under the sea, under the sea…🌊🐠🐚 That's exactly where we took kids in the Starlight Express Room recently, thanks to…

Posted by Starlight Children's Foundation Australia on Thursday, January 16, 2020

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ROVorb Controller

Manoeuvre an ROV with just one hand!

Our world-first, remote controller plugs into your topside computer via USB and allows full movement control of your underwater ROV in one-hand. Gently push, twist and/or roll the orb in the direction that you want your vehicle to move: ascend/descend, yaw, pitch, roll, strafe, or forward/reverse.

Buttons can be mapped in QGC to your personal preference to control other functions, like LED brightness, control mode, arm/disarm, etc.

Operates smoothly in four degrees-of-freedom (4DoF) for the BlueROV2 and is capable of six degrees-of-freedom (6DoF) for the BlueROV2 Heavy configuration with custom QGC software.