84-year old Shipwreck Found Using ROV

The Great Lakes Shipwreck Historical Society announced last week the discovery of a WWII-era ship that sank in the world’s largest freshwater lake, Lake Superior, between Canada and the USA.

The vessel is the 244ft bulk carrier SS Arlington, that left Port Arthur, Ontario, on 30 April 1940, and was sunk early on 1 May after a storm battered the ship and it took on water.

The decision by Captain Frederick “Tatey Bug” Burke to stay aboard the sinking vessel is still a mystery.

Full articles at: TheIndependentUK 16feb23 and SmithsonianMag 16feb24

ROVs for Mapping Dredging Work

ROVs are fantastic tools for underwater activities, like visual inspections of assets, habitat mapping, search and rescue, etc. Just one recent example is an ROV being used to visualize dredging activity for deep-sea quay construction in the Port of Rotterdam, Netherlands.

Full article at: DredgingToday 13feb24

ROV for Search and Recovery

A recent event in Virginia USA demonstrates the value of ROVs in search and recovery situations:

A car was seen driving off the end of the Virginia Beach Fishing Pier a few days ago. Because of difficult water conditions on site, Virginia Police reached out to the Chesapeake Fire Department to request an ROV to learn more about the location of the vehicle and aid with its recovery.

Full article at: 13NewsNow 30jan24

ROV Discovers 4 New Octopus Species

In 2023, Schmidt Ocean Institute scientists exploring with ROV Subastian have discovered four new octopus species at a depth of ~3,000m off Costa Rica. The octopus were found near two low-temperature hydrothermal springs.

One has been named the Dorado Octopus after the rock called El Dorado Hill where it was found. The others have yet to be formally described.

Full article at: New Scientist 16jan24