ROV to explore off Western Australia

A very exciting collaboration between the Oceans Institute, University of Western Australia and the Schmidt Ocean Institute (SOI) will use an ROV from RV Falkor to explore deep sea canyons off Western Australia. To share the excitement of the team’s finds, local schools in WA have been invited to participate in live-feeds from RV Falkor between 26Jan and 26Feb 2020.

Full articles at: UWA News 21jan20 and ABCNews 29jan20

Tour of the Schmidt Ocean Institute’s ROV SuBastian

New Fifish V6+ and W6 at CES 2020

QYSEA unveiled their new Fifish V6+ and W6 underwater vehicles at CES 2020 in Las Vegas this month. The V6+ uses less power than the V6 but has added features like collision avoidance, distance lock, imaging sonar, an underwater positioning system, brighter lighting, and a higher depth rating. We look forward to seeing it soon!

Full article at: APNews 08jan20