Live ROV exploration off Holmes Reef

The Schmidt Ocean Institute has started a month-long exploration of the Coral Reef Marine Park in northern Queensland and is broadcasting live to YouTube and Facebook. Check out their daily live-streams for amazing deep-sea creatures and geological structures!

ROV Dive 357 – Coral Sea Marine Park – Holmes, Queensland Plateau

Join the RV Falkor and ROV SuBastian as we dive in the Coral Sea Marine park on the north west of Holmes Reef off the east coast of Australia on the Queensland Plateau. The dive will start at approximately 900m and work its way up the reef. #SchoolsOutScience #VisioningCoralSea

Posted by Schmidt Ocean Institute on Wednesday, May 6, 2020

The expedition is maintaining social distancing regulations by connecting the scientists from their individual locations on-shore to the vessel’s crew operating the ROV SUBastian aboard the RV Falcor. Technology is so amazing!

Ancient Greek shipwreck in Black Sea

An ROV was used in the discovery and survey of a Greek trading ship, dated 400BC, making it the oldest intact shipwreck known to man. The shipwreck is incredibly well-preserved due to the anoxic (lacking oxygen) conditions at depths below 60m in the Black Sea.

The vessel, 75-foot-long Greek trading ship designed with both sail and oar-power, is very similar to the one Odysseus sailed during his encounter with the Sirens, returning from the Trojan War.