SeaClearly software

SeaClearly software processes and enhances underwater video images in real-time!

SeaClearly’s real-time processing and basic colour-correction has been designed by and for ROV technicians and pilots for improved underwater visibility and situational awareness:

Key features:

  • latency is between 100-200ms with 1080p resolution,
  • consumes UDP video streams or other RTSP-capable cameras,
  • produces an enhanced, real-time video stream for remote global audiences,
  • colour-corrects for greater visibility and easier viewing

Platform requirements:

  • Windows OS (versions 10 & 11), with capability for Linux or Mac iOS
  • NVIDIA GPU 2050 or higher

Possible applications:

  • Fast and accurante hull inspections
  • Valuable asset location
  • Superior obstacle detection and collision avoidance
  • Improved hazard awareness
  • Search & Rescue
  • Marine Archaeological Surveying
  • Enhanced live-streamed video quality to Subject Matter Experts
Grey nurse shark by BlueROV2 with custom camera

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