Blue Trail Engineering’s Cobalt Connectors

These connectors offer a cost-effective and streamlined solution for swiftly waterproofing your underwater electrical connections. What sets them apart? Their quick-release feature, providing unparalleled convenience and efficiency.

The design incorporates a precise assembly technique where pins/sockets are press-fit into a PEEK plastic connector core, which is subsequently press-fit into the connector shell. This construction ensures a secure dry-mateable connection, enabling swift detachment of devices from a waterproof enclosure without the need to open the enclosure or disconnect wiring.

Moreover, Cobalt pre-made cables offer a robust mechanical seal between the cable jacket and the connector shell. The cable jacket is crafted from high-quality polyurethane tubing with a smooth inner wall, seamlessly fitting over a barbed shank on the connector shell. This meticulous design enhances reliability and simplicity compared to potted/moulded connectors, providing a superior solution for various applications.

BlueROV2 Battery Cable with Cobalt Connectors

Quick guide to Cobalt Connectors

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