Cerulean Omniscan 450

Omniscan is a low-cost, high-resolution, long-range imaging sonar ideally suited for use on small ROVs and surface vessels. Omniscan has a narrow and tall fan beam (<1 deg width) which is scanned by rotating the platform. As the ROV or surface vessel moves, SonarView “paints” the image of the scanned area of the sea floor giving excellent situational awareness in the murkiest conditions.

Available in forward-facing or side-scan versions, the Omniscan 450 is tightly integrated with Cerulean’s SonarView application, using the vehicle’s position and heading to display each ping in its correct absolute orientation and position

Omniscan 450 FS: suited for forward-looking ROV applications
Omniscan 450 SS: for sidescan function with a longer transducer