Cerulean Sonar’s USBL ROV Locator

The latest iteration, ROV Locator Mk III, has significantly enhanced the user experience by eliminating the need for complex calibration of crystal oscillators or synchronisation of distances between units. Furthermore, it boasts an impressive absence of timebase drift. This streamlined approach ensures that deploying this cost-effective underwater positioning solution is quick and hassle-free. Once operational, users can rest assured that the system will maintain its accuracy over prolonged periods underwater, without any concerns about slant range accuracy drift.

The enhanced bundle now features a transmitter conveniently mounted on the ROV, along with a receiver module positioned on the surface. Additionally, the package includes a mounting ring and adapter for seamless installation. With a straightforward setup process, users can power up the system, initiate the dive, and effortlessly monitor the real-time location of the ROV. Monitoring can be achieved through the intuitive QGroundControl map display or the user-friendly CeruleanMap display software, providing flexibility and ease of use for operators.

  • Max Depth: 300m
  • Max Range: 500m
  • Ping frequency: 25kHz
  • Update rate: 1Hz

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