BlueROV2 at Barangaroo

We had a great time underwater with a BlueROV2 at Barangaroo (Sydney) yesterday, finding very little rubbish (a baseball hat and a tyre) but spotted quite a number of very delicate “white plants”.

Live-streaming from BlueROV2

We were so incredibly excited to send video LIVE from a BlueROV2 underwater in Sydney (Pittwater and Manly) to Sydney’s Westmead Hospital and The Queensland’s Children’s Hospital Starlight Express Rooms for the Starlight Children’s Foundation Australia. It was AWESOME to bring such a unique and exciting collaborative experience to children who couldn’t otherwise go snorkel or explore themselves.

Huge thanks to Andy Bell for both organizing our connection to the Starlight Express Rooms and piloting the BlueROV2 in Manly!

Seahorse at Balmoral

Sea horses are surprisingly good at camouflaging themselves and are often hard to spot at first. We saw this one on the net of the Balmoral pool in Sydney:

Livestreaming BlueROV2 to Westmead

We were so excited last week to stream video LIVE from BlueROV2s underwater in Pittwater to Westmead Hospital for the Starlight Children’s Foundation! We loved being able to share such a unique and magical experience with children to brighten their day.

Setting up in the rain…
and helping Captain Starlight!