Rock pool creatures

For those who like playing “Where’s Wally”, can you spot any of the following:

Seastars (likely Meridiastra calcareous)
Elephant snail (Scutus antipodes)
Purple urchin (Heliocidaris erythrogramma)
Barnacles (Cirripedia species)
Seaweed and crayweed
Mulberry whelk (Morula marginalba) and other sea snails

Rock Pool, Mona Vale NSW

Giant Sea Squirt from Twofold Bay

Check out this spectacular pink giant jelly ascidian from Twofold Bay, Eden NSW. The jelly ascidian is a colony of tiny animals (or zooids). Ascidians are sea squirts, which draw water in, filter, then expel out. Many people are familiar with the cunjevoi sea squirt, which are often spotted on rock platforms. You can see more on our FB page at

Grey Nurse Shark on SouthCoast

Grey Nurse Sharks may be fearsome in appearance, with several rows of visible teeth, but they are really quite placid and are NOT a threat to divers or swimmers. They are a critically endangered species on the East Coast of Australia, and the first shark in the world to be protected by law.