Battery Switch Kit for BlueROV2

By facilitating convenient on/off power control for the BlueROV2 without the need to open the battery enclosure while in the field, this switch kit offers seamless functionality. Designed to mount flush with Blue Robotics’ 3″ end cap, it optimizes the transfer of any excess heat while effectively utilizing the often-overlooked space within the enclosure.

This comprehensive kit comprises the Blue Robotics 5A switch, featuring a custom circuit board equipped with parallel 30V switching-voltage MOSFETs. Additionally, a precisely crafted 3D-printed cap is included to securely encase the male XT90 connector, effectively preventing water splashes or drips from compromising connections during battery changes. Offering a seamless solution, this kit provides a neat and effortless method for swiftly powering your BlueROV2 on and off.

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