About Us

underseaROV is a distributor and repairer of underwater remotely operated vehicles (ROVs). We are an expert resource for marine ROV installations in Australia, offering excellent customer support and innovative custom solutions for commercial, marine research, and recreational customers.

Kieran Holmes


Kieran has cross-functional expertise in project management, business strategy consulting, and finance. She has extensive experience in commercialization of new products, new market analysis for Fortune 500 companies, and production planning, logistics and operations for a multi-national, Sydney-based business. She is also an advanced scuba diver and long-time scientific contributor to the MadSci Network, an online science education website.

IanĀ Holmes


Ian is an expert in Cisco Voice and Video Conferencing, supporting large enterprise voice, video and LAN/WAN networks. He also specialises in Remote Network Management and critical event faulting, diagnosis and resolution. He is a member of the Australian Electric Vehicle Association, recently converting a 1971 VW Beetle to electric battery power, a long-time sail boat owner, and inventor.