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M10 Enclosure Vent and Plug has been updated!

This vent allows trapped pressure to escape from an enclosure after it has been closed. It includes a threaded plug with a double O-ring seal to open and close the vent.


<strong><a href="">WetLink Penetrators</a></strong> are Blue Robotics' solution for high pressure, high reliability sealing of electrical cables as they pass into enclosures or other devices. These penetrators are rated to a depth of 950 meters (3,116 feet) and, compared to subsea connectors or penetrators, the WetLink Penetrator is a fraction of the cost while offering validated reliability that you can count on.

The WetLink Penetrator can be installed in seconds and doesn’t require any adhesives, potting compounds, or rubber molding. It’s the easiest to use solution out there!

WetLink Penetrators are now available in:

  • M6 size for 4mm to 4.5mm cable diameters
  • M10 size for 4mm to 8.5mm cable diameters
  • M14 size for 9mm to 9.5mm cable diameters