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The Fathom Spool is a rugged and easy to use spool that simplifies tether storage and management for your BlueROV2! Includes full IP67 water resistance, 8-wire slip-ring, and integrated quick connectors (excluding tether)! Fits both standard and slim Fathom tethers.

The BlueROV2 Spares Kit provides you with most replacements you might need out in the field, though we also suggest adding a spare vent plug and penetrator wrench for when you are in the field.

The spares kit includes a T200 thruster (potted) and speed controller, replacement O-rings for enclosures and penetrators, zip ties, an extra ballast weight, and an extra 4″ dome (in case the original is scratched on rocks or during handling). It also includes the Cable Repair Kit to fix small nicks or tears in the tether.

Penetrators come in various sizes to handle many cable diameters: M10 penetrators for 3mm up to 8mm diameter cables, or M6 for 4-5mm diameter cables.