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The Fathom Spool is a rugged and easy to use spool that simplifies tether storage and management for your BlueROV2! Includes full IP67 water resistance, 8-wire slip-ring, and integrated quick connectors but does NOT include tether! Your tether will need an installed Binder 770 connector and a Fathom-X Tether Interface (FXTI) topside box.

Newton Subsea Gripper provides the BlueROV2 and other subsea vehicles with the ability to interact with the subsea environment to retrieve objects, attach recovery lines, or free a snagged tether! Includes everything needed for installation on the BlueROV2.

Fathom-X Tether Interface (FXTI) provides a simple but flexible topside enclosure to interface the BlueROV2 to a computer. Contains a USB to Ethernet converter and a Fathom-X board, and offers plenty of options for expansion! Comes with new BlueROV2 kits and also available separately.

The Water Linked Underwater GPS Developer Kit includes the electronics, receivers, and locator and is fully supported on the BlueROV2 and ArduSub for map-based positioning and navigation. Choice of analog (recommended for BlueROV2) or digital beacon with 50 or 100m tether length. See the UNDERWATER GPS USER MANUAL for more details