The BlueROV2 is the world’s most affordable, high-performance ROV.

With a 6-thruster vectored configuration, open-source electronics and software, and plenty of expandability, it’s the perfect ROV for observations, inspections, research, and adventuring.

“It is so easy to drive!”
“The ROV was quick to set-up and use.”
“It is very responsive and fast.”


  • Highly maneuverable with four degree-of-freedom control (strafes but no pitch/roll without HEAVY Retrofit)
  • Standard 100m depth rating and up to 300m tether available
  • 1080P HD video and 1/2.9″ low light sensor
  • Configurable upgrades to different electronics, tether lengths (25m to 300m), and accessories
  • Expandable, with three additional cable penetrations and extra mounting points
  • Designed to use quick-swap batteries for all-day use
  • User interfaces for most computing platforms and smart devices

Kits start around $6,000 plus freight,
depending on desired configuration and accessories.

We also offer an assembly service