Newton Gripper and attachments

Introducing Blue Robotics’ Newton Subsea Gripper, a groundbreaking addition that empowers the BlueROV2 and other subsea vehicles to actively engage with the underwater environment. With this innovative tool, users can effortlessly retrieve objects, attach recovery lines, or free snagged tethers, enhancing operational versatility and efficiency.

The Gripper represents the culmination of several years of dedicated development and numerous iterations, resulting in a sealed design that is robust, straightforward, and cost-effective. This versatile gripper is fully compatible with the BlueROV2 and can seamlessly integrate into nearly any other ROV platform.

The Gripper has jaws that open to grab objects up to 2.44″ or 6.2cm in diameter and can now be turned into a sediment sampler capable of collecting up to 300cc at a time! This new quick-change attachment replaces the jaws on the gripper with sediment sampling cups with a total capacity of 300cc, AKA 300mL, 1.25 cups, or 10 fl oz. The rubber cups conform to the sample, particularly if there are any large objects in it, and loosely seal to keep sediment in place while you return to the surface..

Be sure to watch Blue Robotics’ product video for a closer look at the Gripper’s capabilities: