Underwater “Trail Camera”

Check out this new, underwater “trail camera” by SpotX that is triggered by a Vemco acoustic tag:

Similar to a wildlife trail camera, the Spot X underwater camera trap can trigger a camera based on a range of input stimuli. The first use-case triggers a GoPro Hero 8 Black using the ping recorded by a VEMCO/InnovaSea VR2 receiver. However the system is flexible and can interpret PWM, RS-232 or any other analog sensor signal, and can be customised to work with many other cameras.


Download images from FIFISH V6

A couple of quick tips when downloading photos or videos from your FIFISH V6:

  • Best microSD card to use is series 10, 64GB microSD card, formatted as EXFAT
  • Make sure your devices are all fully charged before you start copying files
  • In the FIFISH App, go to MEDIA, DEVICE, choose your media type and press and hold the thumbnail in order to activate the “selection function”. You should see three lime-green buttons appear at the bottom of the screen. Select the images you want to copy, START, then choose where you want to send the files

You can find an online video tutorial at QYSEA SUPPORT for further help

And if you are having problems downloading the image files to microSD, try again with a brand new card.

Shipping BlueROV2

We just want to remind you all that Blue Robotics has updated their recommendations for shipping the BlueROV2. Remember to:

  • Remove vent during shipment
  • Wherever possible, avoid transporting the ROV in high temperature environments
  • Inspect cable penetrators carefully before each dive, especially after transportation
  • Perform a vacuum test BEFORE EACH DIVE
  • Lift the ROV only from the tether (with strain relief in place). Do not lift from any other cables.