Waaaay Bigger Blue Robotics Watertight Enclosures

Blue Robotics just announced their 5″, 6″, and 8″ locking enclosures into their watertight housing family. These enclosures are rated to 500m to 1000m depths and end-cap options are flat, aluminium, with and without pre-drilled M10 holes.

The online configurator has expanded  to included these new sizes and we can also order any of these parts quickly for you.

FYI – the non locking versions will continue to be available for a little longer.

New Underwater Servos by Blue Trail Engineering

We are excited to announce Blue Trail Engineering has released a new SER-20XX series of underwater servos , depth-rated to 200 meters, offering increased mounting flexibility, and are optionally available as a kit.

Machined enclosure instead of injection-molded, meaning: walls are thicker, making the unit more durable and giving an increased depth rating of 200 meters; surface finish is smoother and tolerances are tighter, making the O-ring seals more reliable, and; external surfaces are flat for easier mounting from either the side or the top

6-mm “D-shaft” output shaft instead of a square shaft, making it easier to attach to your device using a simple set screw

Available kit option, made possible by an easier assembly process. The usual pre-assembled and tested versions will still be available.

Contact us for pricing and availability

Original Blue Robotics Enclosures now Open Source

Blue Robotics has making their original (non-locking) watertight enclosure designs fully open source and available for anyone to use or modify. Watertight enclosures are a fundamental component needed in all sorts of subsea applications and these now open-source enclosures are a great starting point for anyone interested in designing their own enclosures.

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The designs are licensed under the Creative Commons CC BY 4.0 license, allowing you to copy, redistribute, transform, or build upon the design for commercial and non-commercial purposes, the only term being that you give attribution to Blue Robotics. Basically, do whatever you want and share credit if the files were valuable to you!

Files available here for 2″, 3″ and 4″ cast acrylic enclosures and flanges