Australia’s Great Southern Reef

See if you can spot the camouflaged cuttlefish in one scene, or the hermit crab in another while you escape below the waves in a modified BlueROV2, ~8km offshore Batemans Bay NSW.

Undersea Journey to the Great Southern Reef, Offshore Batemans Bay, NSW

An Undersea journey.See if you can spot the cuttlefish trying to hide in one scene and a hermit crab in another.Escape below the waves in a remotely operated submarine (ROV) 8km offshore Batemans Bay. Discover a part of the wonderful Great Southern Reef – a system of rocky reefs extending from Brisbane, Qld around to Kalbarri in Western Australia.#greatsouthernreef #rov #allkindsofnatural #eurobodalla #batemansbay #underwaterphotography #underwaterexploration #oceanexploration #seasponges

Posted by Undersearov on Tuesday, April 21, 2020