To FXTI or not to FXTI…

Have you been wondering whether to take the plunge for a Fathom X Tether Interface (FXTI)?

The new FXTI box from Blue Robotics houses the topside FathomX card and combines a USB-to-Ethernet adaptor plus breakout board to power the FathomX card from your topside computer’s USB bus. The case has extra holes for alternate wiring designs, enabling the flexibility we expect from Blue Robotics designs, and allowing easy access to the other communications pairs in the tether.

One of the best features, apart from the single USB cable to the topside computer, is the dedicated logical network device for the IP Address. Having a dedicated IP address removes conflicts with existing network interfaces and removes the need to reconfigure network interfaces each time.

With the Binder 770 connector interface to the tether and/or spool, the whole solution is more modular and easy to connect.

We think the FXTI is another great product solution from Blue Robotics.