Has your Blue Robotics camera failed?

Blue Robotics has identified a potential issue with their Mount for USB Camera (BR-100254) affecting the Low-Light USB Camera (BR-100126) updated in November 2021. The camera mount did not provide for the relocation of three resistors on the left side of the camera so, when mounted, the camera would press directly on these (very small) parts. Depending on the torque used to fasten the camera to the mount, some or all of these resistors could crack, leading to the camera’s failure.

If you have experienced a recent camera failure, please take high resolution photos of the board (see example below) and, if you bought the camera from us, contact us for a replacement camera and mount (make sure to supply photos).

If you sourced the camera from Blue Robotics directly, please use this link to contact Blue Robotics Support to log your issue.