Fogging fix

Fogging can be a real problem because it interferes with visibility. Humidity and condensation will always be an issue because of air to water temperature differentials, so minimising moisture in the housings is essential. the problem can be minimised with a little effort, especially since we can easily access the BlueROV2 internals. Using one or both of the methods listed below has the optimum outcome for the greatest variety of environmental conditions.

1 – equalise the ROV in dehumidified room: in a small room with a dehumidifier, remove the electronics enclosure vent plug and leave the ROV to equalise for several hours. You may find similar results in a well air conditioned room overnight, depending on relative humidity.

2 – desiccant: use desiccant to remove humidity from the electronics enclosure. We suggest rechargeable, moisture indicating, silica gel, which you can purchase through us or other suppliers.