Virtual Ocean Talks 2020

The Australian National Maritime Museum is offering a free, virtual Ocean Talk on the 1st of October with the Schmidt Ocean Institute. REGISTER NOW

Australia is an island continent, surrounded by three oceans and multiple seas, which are home to some of the world’s most amazing organisms. Yet with so much water, ocean life and discovery potential, Australia has limited research opportunities. This year, Schmidt Ocean Institute’s research vessel Falkor and its remotely operated vehicle (ROV) SuBastian, have been exploring Australia’s deep-sea submarine canyons, seamount and coral ecosystems – bringing to light fascinating new species from coast to coast.

Hear from Drs Carlie Wiener (Schmidt Ocean Institute), Nerida Wilson (Western Australian Museum), and Robert Beaman (James Cook University) as they share some of the amazing surprises and discoveries that have been made for the first time.