New FIFISH App release

QYSEA just released a new version of the FIFISH APP for their V6 and V6S ROVs. Please update to this latest version on your mobile device before your next dive:

  • Android: 4.5.17
  • iOS: 1.0.7

Also check the latest firmware versions on your Remote Controller (RC) and ROV. To find your versions, connect your ROV to its tether and RC, power on, and connect your mobile device. “Go Dive” in the FIFIAH App and go to the Settings COG in the upper right corner. Scroll down and you will find the details for your firmware versions, as well as your ROV’s Serial Number (SN). The latest versions are:

  • RC 1.0.7
  • WiFi 20210220
  • ROV 20210220.4144

The manufacturer has also recommended that you recalibrate the ROV and RC before each dive for maximum performance.

Happy diving!