Check out Blue Robotics’ new BlueBoat

The BlueBoat is a very affordable robotic surface vessel, with an innovative hull design, endless expansion possibilities, and open-source BlueOS software. It is an ideal platform for hydrographic surveys, robotics system development and scientific missions.

It has a weedless hull and propeller design, rugged construction, and compact transport size, making it reliable and convenient to use, while its flexible electronics architecture, ample payload mounting areas, and open-source BlueOS software system make it an ideal platform for integration of sonars and other sensors.

The BlueBoat comes almost fully assembled and only takes a few minutes to get into the water. In addition to the boat, you’ll need:

  • Laptop – medium to high-end model with Windows 10, Mac, or Linux operating systems. iOS and Android are not officially supported at this time
  • Battery – recommend 14.8v, 15.6Ah lithium-ion battery for the best battery life, which can be shipped here to Australia
  • Battery Charger – any lithium-ion battery charger / balancer that can handle your battery
  • Gamepad Controller (optional) – If you want to control the boat manually, we recommend a gamepad controller like the Xbox Wireless Controller.

Pre-orders are now open but very limited so act fast! Contact us for more information.