Hydra? Ciliate? Cnidarian?

UnderseaROV has teamed up with AUSI to explore microscopic underwater habitats in the SEA Lab. We are still learning a lot about this minuscule cosmos (there is sooo much to see in each water droplet) and spotted a mystery marine organism on a piece of seagrass that we hope someone out there can help us identify. This creature looks to be part hydra, part ciliate, part cnidarian (jellyfish family)? We have yet to find any nomenclature that fits. Help?

[Update] Huge thank you to our friends Jen Z, Bruno and others connected with the University of Washington’s Friday Harbor Labs, who identified this creature as a bryozoan, specifically from the genus Amathia (formerly known as Bowerbankia, kind of like the Artist Formerly Known as Prince). We so appreciate your help!!