Battery capacity in QGC

When using a different size battery in your BlueROV2, make sure to update your battery parameters in QGroundControl. To do this, with your ROV powered up and connected to your topside computer, go to the QGC’s Vehicle Setup page, BATT, BATTERY_CAPACITY and enter the correct value in mAhr.

The factory default is 18000 for Blue Robotics’ 18Ahr battery.

ALERT – Turnigy 10Ahr battery

To all the BlueROV2 pilots out there: Turnigy has recently (and unexpectedly) increased the size of their 4S, 10Ahr battery, available from HobbyKing.  The new version of this battery no longer fits easily into the Blue Robotics 3” battery enclosure.  It can be inserted but the fit is so tight that the acrylic enclosure edge cuts into / scrapes the battery external pouch and can result in safety issues.

We suggest that, if you need replacement batteries short-term, you switch to either the Turnigy 4S, 8Ahr battery or the Blue Robotics 4S, 18Ahr battery.  We will let you know as soon as we have a better solution to this issue.

UPDATE 28/11/19:

To update you quickly, we purchased four Turnigy 10Ahr batteries this week and found that the dimensions fell within declared specifications, and they all fit into the 3” battery enclosures.  What a relief!
We apologise for raising the alarm earlier but there could still be a possibility that you, like us, might receive a larger Turnigy 10Ahr battery.   There does not appear to be any batch number or any other marker to identify one from the other, so the best we can suggest is that you test-fit any new Turnigy batteries you receive before going into the field.

Remove fishing line from T200

We occasionally find fishing line wrapped around a thruster after a dive. Here are a few quick steps to removing it so you don’t burn out a motor.
If you need to access thrusters 1, 2, 3, or 4, start by removing the fairing covering the mounting bolts. Thrusters 5 and 6 can be accessed without this step.
Remove the four stainless hex bolts holding the thruster to the ROV frame.
Remove the four stainless screws holding the thruster nozzle. If the fishing line doesn’t come away easily at this point, continue disassembling.
Remove the two hex bolts holding the thruster nose cone in place.
Carefully turn the propeller until you see the grub screw holding the propeller and shaft to the motor. Loosen the grub screw with small hex wrench.
Gently pull the propeller shaft assembly away from the motor windings. You will feel resistance from the magnets
Gently unwind the fishing line from around the motor shaft.

Reassemble your T200 and ROV by following these steps in reverse.

Penetrator Wrench Tip

To stop the handle of your penetrator wrench from sliding through the cylinder body, wrap one end in a bit of electrical tape. It’ll save you hunting for it on the floor time after time!