ROV-Deployed Scanning Tool

As the ROV industry continues to develop, we are seeing more tools designed specifically for remote ROV inspections. In this case, multi-national TSC Subsea, has produced a compact, remote, 3-axis scanning tool for deployment by an ROV in Australia’s Bass Strait for coated pipeline joint inspections.

Full article at: OffShore Engineer 04aug21

Buoybot Development

We are so excited to see the progress Andrew has been making with Buoyboy:

He has been using Blue Robotics T200 motors and ESCs for one of the prototypes…

Moon Jelly video clean-up

Here is another example of the upcoming SeaClearly video processing for ROVs:

Moon Jellyfish recorded by standard BlueROV2 Low-Light HD camera (left) and cleaned up with SeaClearly (right)

Real-time underwater video clean-up

Undersea has been working closely with SeaClearly to bring video processing to underwater ROV video feeds in real-time. Here is an example of what SeaClearly does:

Grey nurse shark filmed by zoom camera carried by BlueRVO2 on left – enhanced with SeaClearly on right