Mirrored Pools in Pacific Ocean

Scientists from the University of Georgia, aboard the Schmidt Ocean Institute vessel, found AMAZING “mirror-like pools” in a hydrothermal field in the Gulf of California at ~2000m depths.  The ROV SuBastian caught some incredible images, and a lot of plastic trash…

HMAS Curlew

Ian got to see the HMAS Curlew last week, harboured in the Margate (Hobart) area.  The vessel has a very interesting story, explained in an ABC News 22jul18 article but sadly, it sounds like it might end up being broken up and scrapped.

Set low-voltage alarms

Not so obvious but an important tool is the ability to set battery low-voltage alarms in QGroundControl. You will need to consult with your battery manufacturer to determine the minimum safe voltage for the ROV battery you are using. Then, to set the alarm in QGC, go to:

  • Settings
  • Safety
  • Battery
  • Voltage

And enter your desired low voltage value.