Celebrating Deadly Science

We want to say how impressed we are with Kamilaroi man, Corey Tutt, founder of Deadly Science, bringing science resources to remote Aboriginal communities. We love to see you inspiring and inspired by the next generation of scientists and explorers. Keep up the good work!

ROVs in Sydney

UnderseaROV is again doing ROV service work off the cliffs of Australia. This time instead of Tasmania, we are enjoying working off the Sydney region coast.  In these shots, ships are coming and going from the busy port of Botany Bay with ‘Imperial Walker’ container ship cranes (for those who love Star Wars) in the background.  The story goes that George Lucas modelled Imperial Walkers from cranes like this. Sadly George confirmed it as an urban myth, but the resemblance is fun.

Northern Pacific Seastar Infestation

It is so hard to appreciate the magnitude of “an infestation” until you can see for yourself. One of our pilots was doing a quick ballast check off Constitution dock in Hobart, Tasmania a few weeks ago and saw this:

The Northern Pacific Seastar (Asterias amurensis), a voracious predator, was first spotted in Tasman waters in 1989 and declared a noxious species of national priority in 2019. This species is threatening native seastar and other marine species and, because of its prolific rate of reproduction, is now impossible to eradicate and difficult to control.

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