Penetrator Wrench Tip

To stop the handle of your penetrator wrench from sliding through the cylinder body, wrap one end in a bit of electrical tape. It’ll save you hunting for it on the floor time after time!

You Can’t See Me

Undersea Batemans Bay (3) – You can't see me.

Undersea Batemans Bay (3) – You can't see me!Enjoy 30 seconds in the Batemans Bay garden lair of a red rock cod filmed last week (July 2019). A great one for your kids and grandkids. There are at least six species of fish in this clip. See if you can find them and write them in a comment. Follow and like our page to see more in this series of underwater Batemans Bay videos as we explore and bring the bay to you.

Posted by Undersearov on Saturday, August 3, 2019