The BlueROV2 was rated BEST Educational ROV in Feb 2018!

This ranking was based on five factors: ease of use, cost, ease of maintenance, expandability, and depth rating.  The BlueROV2 came out on top of every category.  You can read the full article here.

Marine robotics is truly an interdisciplinary subject – it lies at the intersection of biology, physics, engineering, and chemistry. Educators are always looking for innovative ways to illustrate concepts to their students, and a remotely operated vehicle is a perfect tool.

COMING SOON – your IT and Robotics students will be able to build and configure simple underwater robotics kits, like the one we supplied for and presented to the Batemans Bay Hackathon.

Underwater ROV technology is cutting-edge and the BlueROV2 is one-of-a-kind in its ability to be built and customized by the end user. It uses open-source software and hardware, and is the only commercial ROV in Australia that is sold as a kit.

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