Cerulean’s Insight-240 Multibeam Sonar

Cerulean has recently unveiled the Insight-240, an innovative multibeam sonar system that revolutionizes underwater imaging. With the ability to capture a comprehensive 90-degree sector in each ping, this advanced technology offers a video-like capability, providing unparalleled clarity and detail. Ideal for navigation in any conditions, precise target location, seamless tracking, and overall situational awareness, the Insight-240 sets a new standard in underwater imaging solutions.

The Insight-240 offers remarkable versatility in underwater observation, allowing users to detect echoes from a diverse range of objects including ropes, walls, dock pilings, shipwrecks, boats, fish, and various other structures that reflect sound waves. This capability enables the generation of detailed images, serving as a valuable navigation aid even in low visibility conditions. Essential features can be swiftly localised with precision, enhancing overall situational awareness.

Operating at 240 kHz with a range of 150 meters and a depth rating of 300 meters, the Insight-240 is engineered to deliver superior performance. For optimal functionality across a wide range of applications, we recommend the use of a mounting bracket equipped with a servo tilt mechanism. This ensures seamless integration and precise control, enhancing the system’s effectiveness in diverse environments.

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