UnderseaROV offers a comprehensive range of services, including sales, customisation, and repairs of underwater ROVs such as the BlueROV2. We also supply high-quality subsea parts from superior manufacturers like Blue Robotics, Blue Trail Engineering, Cerulean, and Water Linked.

Water Linked 3D Sonar

Redefine your perception of the underwater environment with the advanced acoustic imaging 3D sonar from Water Linked!

Water Linked’s Sonar 3D-15 is at the forefront of underwater exploration, delivering a clear, three-dimensional acoustic image that penetrates even the murkiest of waters. This technology creates the ability for intuitive navigation, greatly enhancing the user’s capability to manoeuvre around obstacles and pinpoint targets.

Compact and efficient design, boasting a 300 meter operational depth and a mere 0.5 kilogram in-water weight, the 3D-15 is suitable for a variety of ROVs, empowering them with the ability to discern targets in challenging conditions.

SeaClearly software

SeaClearly software processes and enhances underwater video images in real-time!

SeaClearly’s real-time processing and basic colour-correction has been designed by and for ROV technicians and pilots for improved underwater visibility and situational awareness:

Key features:

  • latency is between 100-200ms with 1080p resolution,
  • consumes UDP video streams or other RTSP-capable cameras,
  • produces an enhanced, real-time video stream for remote global audiences,
  • colour-corrects for greater visibility and easier viewing

Platform requirements:

  • Windows OS (versions 10 & 11), with capability for Linux or Mac iOS
  • NVIDIA GPU 2050 or higher

Possible applications:

  • Fast and accurante hull inspections
  • Valuable asset location
  • Superior obstacle detection and collision avoidance
  • Improved hazard awareness
  • Search & Rescue
  • Marine Archaeological Surveying
  • Enhanced live-streamed video quality to Subject Matter Experts
Grey nurse shark by BlueROV2 with custom camera

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Newton Gripper and attachments

Introducing Blue Robotics’ Newton Subsea Gripper, a groundbreaking addition that empowers the BlueROV2 and other subsea vehicles to actively engage with the underwater environment. With this innovative tool, users can effortlessly retrieve objects, attach recovery lines, or free snagged tethers, enhancing operational versatility and efficiency.

The Gripper represents the culmination of several years of dedicated development and numerous iterations, resulting in a sealed design that is robust, straightforward, and cost-effective. This versatile gripper is fully compatible with the BlueROV2 and can seamlessly integrate into nearly any other ROV platform.

The Gripper has jaws that open to grab objects up to 2.44″ or 6.2cm in diameter and can now be turned into a sediment sampler capable of collecting up to 300cc at a time! This new quick-change attachment replaces the jaws on the gripper with sediment sampling cups with a total capacity of 300cc, AKA 300mL, 1.25 cups, or 10 fl oz. The rubber cups conform to the sample, particularly if there are any large objects in it, and loosely seal to keep sediment in place while you return to the surface..

Be sure to watch Blue Robotics’ product video for a closer look at the Gripper’s capabilities:



ROV recovers bell from USS Jacob Jones

The UK government has returned the ship’s bell from the USS Jacob Jones, the first American destroyer lost to enemy attack during World War I, sunk in by German U-boat in December 1917. Full article at: Marine Insight 23may24