We sell, customize, and repair ROVs like the BlueROV2.  We also supply subsea parts from Blue Robotics, Cobalt, Cerulean, and WaterLinked.


ROV discovered Mystery Holes in Atlantic Ocean

Researchers in 2004 sent an ROV to the seabed floor in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and found mysterious holes in the soft sediment (not fossilized) at a depth of ~2000m. Clearly made by a living creature but no one has yet identified it – any ideas? Full article at: ScienceNorway.no 21mar23

ROV retrieves debris from lost Titan submersible

Debris from OceanGate‘s lost submersible, Titan, has been retrieved after a fatal implosion during its voyage to the wreck of the Titanic. The days-long rescue mission captured the world’s attention last week. “Horizon Arctic, a Canadian ship, carried a remotely operated vehicle, or ROV, [owned by Pelagic Research Services] to search the ocean floor near the Titanic …

Cerulean Insight-240

Cerulean recently launched the Insight-240, a forward-looking, multibeam sonar that images an entire 90-degree sector on every ping. This video-like capability is ideal for all condition navigation, target location, tracking and general situational awareness.

You can observe echoes from objects like ropes, walls, dock pilings, shipwrecks, boats, fish, and any other structures or objects that reflect sound waves. The generated image provides a compelling reference for navigation regardless of water visibility, allowing for the localization of essential features quickly.

The Insight-240 is a 240 kHz, 150m range, 300m depth rated system. For general purpose applications, a mounting bracket incorporating a servo tilt mechanism is highly recommended.

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Water Linked DVL

The Water Linked Doppler Velocity Log (DVL) is the smallest in the market, operated by estimating velocity relative to the sea bottom by sending acoustic waves from the four angled transducers, then measuring the frequency shift (doppler effect) from the received echo. By combining the measurements of all four transducers and the time between each acoustic pulse, it is possible to very accurately estimate the speed and direction of movement of an ROV.

Utilizing a Water Linked DVL, an ROV operator will feel a whole new level of stability and control of the ROV so work can be carried out with full confidence. The quality of the video will increase dramatically using the DVL, as the ROV will be significantly more stable.

  • Maintaining stability while operating ROV tools or performing detail inspections
  • Station keeping in challenging situations like ocean currents or tether pull
  • Terrain following
  • General velocity feedback for vehicle control

Ping360 Scanning Sonar

Blue Robotics released the Ping360 in September 2019, a mechanical, single-beam, scanning sonar for navigation and imaging. It has a 50 meter range, 300 meter depth rating, and an open-source software interface that makes it a very capable tool for ROV navigation and underwater acoustic imaging.

A recent use-case can be found here

Blue Robotics has put together an excellent guide to Understanding and Using Scanning Sonars

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