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Scientists say not all Orcas are the same

Scientists in the Pacific Northwest are making the case for separate identification of two orca populations. Orcas, also known as Killer whales, are one of the most widespread animals on Earth and have long been known as only one species, Orcinus orca, with different forms in various regions known as “ecotypes.” Biologists have increasingly recognised differences …

Using ROVs to monitor sea cucumber stocks in WA

The Department of Primary Industries and Sustainable Development has been using ROVs to conduct marine invertebrate surveys in Western Australia: “Utilising the ROVs rather than having divers in the water is about personal safety for our researchers to avoid potential injury from hazardous marine life in the Kimberley waters, including crocodiles, sharks and lethal box …

Cerulean Sonar’s Insight-240 Multibeam Sonar

Cerulean has recently unveiled the Insight-240, an innovative multibeam sonar system that revolutionizes underwater imaging. With the ability to capture a comprehensive 90-degree sector in each ping, this advanced technology offers a video-like capability, providing unparalleled clarity and detail. Ideal for navigation in any conditions, precise target location, seamless tracking, and overall situational awareness, the Insight-240 sets a new standard in underwater imaging solutions.

The Insight-240 offers remarkable versatility in underwater observation, allowing users to detect echoes from a diverse range of objects including ropes, walls, dock pilings, shipwrecks, boats, fish, and various other structures that reflect sound waves. This capability enables the generation of detailed images, serving as a valuable navigation aid even in low visibility conditions. Essential features can be swiftly localised with precision, enhancing overall situational awareness.

Operating at 240 kHz with a range of 150 meters and a depth rating of 300 meters, the Insight-240 is engineered to deliver superior performance. For optimal functionality across a wide range of applications, we recommend the use of a mounting bracket equipped with a servo tilt mechanism. This ensures seamless integration and precise control, enhancing the system’s effectiveness in diverse environments.

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Water Linked DVL

The Water Linked Doppler Velocity Log (DVL) is the smallest in the market, operated by estimating velocity relative to the sea bottom by sending acoustic waves from the four angled transducers, then measuring the frequency shift (doppler effect) from the received echo. By combining the measurements of all four transducers and the time between each acoustic pulse, it is possible to very accurately estimate the speed and direction of movement of an ROV.

Utilizing a Water Linked DVL, an ROV operator will feel a whole new level of stability and control of the ROV so work can be carried out with full confidence. The quality of the video will increase dramatically using the DVL, as the ROV will be significantly more stable.

  • Maintaining stability while operating ROV tools or performing detail inspections
  • Station keeping in challenging situations like ocean currents or tether pull
  • Terrain following
  • General velocity feedback for vehicle control

Ping360 Scanning Sonar

Introducing the Ping360 Scanning Imaging Sonar, a state-of-the-art mechanical scanning imaging sonar meticulously engineered for a multitude of applications. Designed for use on the BlueROV2 and other ROVs to enhance navigation in low-visibility water conditions, it is ideally suited for a wide range of tasks including inspection, obstacle avoidance, precise target location and tracking, as well as facilitating autonomous systems development. With its exceptional performance and adaptability, the Ping360 opens doors to a myriad of underwater exploration and operational possibilities..

Blue Robotics presents an exceptional guide aimed at aiding users in Understanding and Using Scanning Sonars

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