BlueROV2 Heavy

BlueROV2 Heavy Configuration Kit

This kit provides the components needed to upgrade  your existing or new BlueROV2 to the Heavy Configuration, with a total of four vertical thrusters, increased buoyancy, and external thruster guards.  With this upgrade, you’ll gain 6 degree-of-freedom control and active stabilization in roll and pitch, making the BlueROV2 Heavy the most stable but maneuverable mini ROV on the market

Requires the use of two additional penetrator holes on the main electronics enclosure.

To add the Newton Gripper or other accessories, swap to an aluminium, 4″ series, 18-hole end-cap!

We can also install wet-plugs to quickly detach the tether or other accessories from the BlueROV2, for easier transport and storage.

Active stability control while pulling on the tether

Demonstrating roll/pitch control