Fifish V6 ROVs

There are several QYSEA Fifish V6 models for different end users and general use-cases.

The EXPERT is a professional-level underwater ROV with many optional accessories, a long-lasting 14400mAh capacity battery, and a pair of ultra-bright 6000 lumen LED lights and 4K UHD camera, delivering brilliant, vivid, and vibrant images and footage within even the darkest spaces.

For more enterprise users, there is the PRO V6 PLUS, with a 150m depth rating, intelligent distance and altitude lock, ruler and laser-scaler.

And the newest vehicle in QYSEA’s line-up is the pearl white EVO, with 97kWh built-in battery, 5000 lumen LEDs, and a 4K UHD video shooting at 60 frames per second. The EVO has the option of a robotic arm or parallel gripper accessory.

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