Chasing M2 ROVs

CHASING M2 is an underwater ROV/Drone manufacturer offering three different models for professional users and industrial applications.

The yellow M2 design has an eight vectored thruster layout that allows omni movement in all directions. It also has a swappable a 97.68 Whr battery, pair of 2000lumen LED lights, and 4K UHD camera, and stores images to an easily removable microSD card. It is also compatible with sophisticated attachments such as Robot Claw, GoPro camera, external LED lights and Laser Scaler etc., the maximum attachable capacity is 1.5kg (3.3 lbs), designed for many different industry needs.

The orange M2 PRO a light industrial underwater ROV designed for professional users and industrial applications. It works with various power supplies and has more powerful motors, 302.4 Whr battery, and a variety of removable accessories like grabber arms, sediment or water samplers, floodlights and sonar kits.

And Chasing’s grey M2 PRO MAX is an industrial-grade ROV, designed for government and enterprise users. It has adopted a new generation accessory mounting mode, accessory quick assembly / disassembly technology, an optional new shore-based power supply system and a new floodlight design. The PRO MAX provides industrial customers with more user-friendly, professional and reliable underwater ROV solution.

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