Chasing M2

CHASING M2 is a professional underwater ROV/Drone designed for professional users and industrial applications. M2 allows omni movement in all directions, and has a more powerful mount extension system to meet the needs of multi-professional scenarios.

The M2 has 8 Vectored Thruster layout. The aluminum alloy compact body allows single person operation and quick-deployment in 3 minutes.

Compatible with sophisticated attachments such as Robot Claw, GoPro camera, external LED lights and Laser Scaler etc. The maximum attachable capacity is 1.5kg (3.3 lbs) , designed for many different industry needs.

The default 97.68WH lithium battery (up to 4 hours battery life) , Optional 200WH Battery, with a spare CHASINGS swapable battery, this will make your operation time almost unlimited.

The M2 offers F1.8 FOV, equipped with 1/2.3 SONY CMOS and EIS anti video-shake feature, which improves the camera’s low light performance and dynamic range greatly.

The M2 has two 2000 lumen LED lights (three levels), which can make up for the dimness of deep water and night vision, improve the underwater visual distance and clarity, and accurately restore the true underwater colours.

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